The Bromodomain and Extra-Terminal (BET) domain proteins facilitate the development of many human cancers via epigenetic regulation. BET inhibitors may be effective in reversing platinum resistance in ovarian cancer (OC) and may generate synthetic lethality with ARID1A loss. PLX2853 is an orally active, small-molecule inhibitor of BET bromodomain-mediated interactions that exhibits low nanomolar potency in blocking all four BET family members.

We conducted a multicenter and open-label study with two parallel arms: a phase IIa study of PLX2853 monotherapy in patients with advanced gynecologic malignancies with an ARID1A mutation and a phase Ib/IIa combination study of PLX2853 plus carboplatin in women with platinum-resistant OC. The primary objectives were safety and tolerability for phase Ib and efficacy for both phase IIa portions. Thirty-four of 37 enrolled patients completed at least one post-baseline response assessment.

Of the 14 evaluable patients on the monotherapy arm, 1 (7.1%) achieved a best overall response of partial response (PR), 5 (35.7%) had stable disease (SD), and 8 (57.1%) had progressive disease (PD). Of the 20 evaluable patients on the combination arm, 1 (5.0%) had PR, 9 (45.0%) had SD, and 10 (50%) had PD.

This study confirmed the safety profile of PLX2853 and demonstrated the feasibility of combination with carboplatin. Although these results did not meet the prespecified response criteria, evidence of clinical activity highlights the rationale for further exploration of BET inhibitors in patients with ARID1A-mutated gynecologic malignancies, possibly in combination with agents targeting potential feedback mechanisms such as the PI3K pathway.

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  • Key Objective

  • Novel agents are needed to treat platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. The current clinical trial hypothesized that Bromodomain and Extra-Terminal (BET) domain protein inhibitors may be effective in reversing platinum resistance and may generate synthetic lethality with ARID1A loss.

  • Knowledge Generated

  • PLX2853, an orally active, small-molecule inhibitor of BET, was tolerable both as a monotherapy and in combination with carboplatin. There was one partial response (PR) in each cohort, and an overall response rate (PR + stable disease) of 42.8% and 50%, respectively.

  • Relevance

  • Evidence of clinical activity in select patients supports the rationale for further exploration of BET inhibitors in patients with ARID1A-mutated gynecologic malignancies.


Presented at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting, Orlando, FL, April 14-19, 2023.


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Data analysis and interpretation: Linda R. Duska, Dmitriy Zamarin, Amit Oza, Gini Fleming, Alexander Spira, Oladapo O. Yeku, Debra L. Richardson, Jackie Walling, Bernice Matusow, Elizabeth M. Swisher

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DOI: 10.1200/PO.23.00235 JCO Precision Oncology no. 7 (2023) e2300235. Published online October 5, 2023.

PMID: 37797273

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